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Being Visible – The Power Of Influence

I’m Natasha Worby

Expert on working with influencers and the media

Successfully Work With Influencers

Let me help you connect with the right influencers. 

Build relationships with the media

Learn how to  build lasting relationships with the media.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock success for your business using

The Power Of Influence

The power of influencers  and the media allows you to elevate your business quicker than you can imagine. By collaborating with the right  social media influencers and popular media publications your business will reach new heights.

Grow your business

Get your brand seen

Have influencers & Celebrities as clients

Be featured in the media

Create Your story

Get people interested in your brand by sharing your story

Find your ideal customer

Discover exactly how to connect with your ideal customer

Become Highly Visible

Make sure everyone knows about your business

Grow Your Business

Increase visibilty and sales using influencers and the media

What is influence?
Do I need PR & Influencers?

Sharing your story is critical to success. Be this your personal story or your brands story, people love  to know the story behind the  success.  PR and influencers help you create your personal narrative and get potential customers engaging  in a positive way.

Reach your ideal customer

When you work with Influencers and media in the correct your brand can be put right in front of your ideal customer with very minimal effort but maximum impact.

Build brand awareness

PR and marketing isn’t just about sales, thats what advertising is for, it is about getting people talking about your brand in the best possible way. Make people know who you are!

It doesn't have to cost the earth

With the right techniques and tools you can get your brand promoted within the media and by influencers for minimal cost. It is all about the approach and the value you offer.

Being visible isn't scary

We can sometimes feel very vulnerable when sharing our story. Vulnerability is what makes us human and most importantly relatable. People love to buy from people they can relate to.

Growth is exciting

Seeing your business grow is one of the most exciting life experiences we can have. All the blood sweat and tears are worth it when you see those sales flooding in. By being visible and engaging with the best influencers and media outlets for your business expansion is almost certain.

About Me

 My biggest passion is helping others achieve their goals and reaching their full potential by using my experiences to guide them. 

For over 10 years I have not only worked with influencers but I have helped create brands. I have held huge events that have been covered within national press and been attended by celebrities and top influencers. I am also a published photographer and qualified makeup artist who made a leap from the corporate world to the creative to live a happier life. 

My photography has been published in the UK, USA, Australia and Europe and I have worked with celebrities from across the globe. Brands I have worked with have been featured in publications such as OK! and Glamour as well as on prime time TV and radio shows.  


“Highly recommend Natasha she knows her stuff, talked me through the basics (I’m completely new to this) and made sure I understood before moving on.

Helped me to get a better idea of how I can reach out to influencers and how it can be used as a tool to grow my business.
Look forward to working with Natasha again in the future when I’m ready to level up.”
Tasha Johnson

Personal Trainer,

“This was my first coaching experience so wasn’t sure what to expect – but Natasha made me feel so at ease, listened to my concerns and managed to pick my brain and make sense of all my confused blabbering.

She broke down the strategy into small, easy to understand steps, also followed up after to make sure I was still on track.
It felt like I was having a lovely chat with my bestie over a glass of wine but this time about my business!
I would definitely recommend Natasha to anyone who is struggling to plan/grow their business or get visibility, especially in the midst of COVID – she just knows her stuff!”
Zhana Hawkins

Make-up Artist & Macrame Designer,

Free Online Resources

Find Your Ideal Customer. Work With Influencers. Tell Your Story. Grow Your Brand.

When it comes to growing your brand it is important for people to know about you. Working with the right influencers and having your business featured in the media are both sure fire ways of making sure your brand is being seen. 

I will show you how I have managed to have my work featured in huge publications such as OK! Magazine, had brands featured on prime time TV shows & reached ideal customers by utilising influencers and media coverage without paying a penny! 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Getting Seen Today!